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Disappearing Neighbors

My neighbors moved and didn’t bother to tell anyone they were planning on it.  I feel like Dorothy in The Wizard of Oz, “People disappear so quickly around here.” 

In our cul-de-sac we try to watch out for each other.  Ann and her husband used to be friendly then they had family issues and she ceased most all communication with everyone.  I saw the Uhaul on Friday and watched her husband load it and drive away.   Surprisingly, she did answer my text.  They moved to McGill, Nevada about 4 hours away and bought a house.  This gives me hope for an affordable place in the future…but not there.  Being alone, I don’t think I would like a small town.  Anyway, our cul-de-sac is now at 4 families with 3 empty places.  It’s quiet and a bit sad. 

I’m not sure how to end this except not all your neighbors are your friends, or you never really know people the way you think. There is some lesson here somewhere but my Monday brain isn’t getting it.

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Out With Old, In With New

I read and Follow a lot of cleaning and organizing, as well as Hoarding type blogs, to keep me on track and motivated.

The Holidays are the best times to do your major cleanouts because you have no idea what you will receive. You may think you will receive nothing, but isn’t Christmas about surprises? You never know just who might be thinking of you and get you something to show it. Plus, this is also the time a lot of organizations are asking for lightly used toys, clothing and household goods.

It’s the time for Good will and Good cheer.

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Fishing For Info

Yesterday I talked to FS. She was fishing to see if I am still blogging. I mentioned “I don’t have the blog anymore”. meaning my old one and she goes, “So, you don’t blog at all?” I just repeated myself and changed the subject. It’s none of her business.

Only two people know I have this, but, don’t have access.

My last blog caused an extreme rift between my sister and I because she decided to spy. I refuse to let that happen again. I don’t know if it’s because I am the youngest but it’s like my family doesn’t want me to have my own thoughts and opinions. It’s stupid that I have to hide things for my own privacy. But, it’s my life

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Migraine Madness

Twas a Sinus/Migraine Day so slept for like 5 hours on meds. I had plans that obviously never came to fruition. Yep, I am into big words, tonight.

My Amazon Fresh delivery arrived and I can’t believe how rude the girl was. First she text and asks what the safe place is to put my order. So, I tell her by the glass door and I will stay inside. When she comes, she not only doesn’t acknowledge me through the glass with a look or a wave, she never knocks either. She just texts after returning to her car with, “Your order is dropped off.”. Then I discovered my Blueberries have totally come open and are all laying on the bottom of the bag. Thankfully, Amazon refunded that price back to ebt.

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Governor Rules

New COVID19 rules starting tomorrow per our Governor here in Nevada.

Masks to be worn at all times around others…not sure how that affects eating.. even in the house when visiting. Now people are worried neighbors are going to report on each other! Like what? Are we gonna get arrested? Seriously, the jails would get full and I doubt all the cells are kept empty 6 feet apart. Lol. It’s starting to feel like the Gestapo during the Holocaust….Anyway, restaurants, casinos and churches are cutting down to 25% capacity and private gatherings are being limited to 10 people. It’s better to just stay home as much as possible..easier too.

In other news, Just had to re-sign up for Secret Santa on Reddit. A bit annoying but super thankful I checked. There are almost 57,000 people signed up so far and I seriously don’t want to miss this! Don’t forget, you have until the 7th to sign up, if interested. The minimum is $20. to brighten the year of a stranger and someone will probably brighten your year, too.

I have already written a page of my book. I write as creativity strikes so I see this being a long project.

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Research Help

I’ve done it! I have started writing a book. It’s a children’s/teenage book about Heaven and what it could look like. So, for research purposes I need your thoughts:

If Heaven is the best thing you can imagine, what will your Heaven look like? And, will I be able to quote you Anonymously in the book?

I have been praying over this and I really do hope it turns out.

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No Christmas Stress

I know, I know…It isn’t even Thanksgiving and here I am going on and on about Christmas. I can’t help it. It really is my favorite time of the year!

Presents or cards have been mailed except to my BFF’s family, as I wait for my next paycheck….Okay, Disability Check if you really want to get technical. Everything else is wrapped for local friends. I can think of one more person to get for, but that will have to wait, also. I don’t start decorating until after Thanksgiving….See, I really do keep the Holidays separate; but now I don’t have to stress.

Do you stress over Holidays or do you get things done early? Has Christmas become an obligation? Please don’t let it get to that. If you’re a Christian, please remember the true meaning of Christmas as the birth of Christ, and if you’re not, think of it as a time to be extra friendly and nice to others.

While Christmas is more about time then gifts, it’s hard to spend time with others while being quarantined. Maybe a Zoom call or a phone call or even a note just to keep in touch.

Not sure how to end this early Christmas themed post. So:

Merry Early Christmas, My Friends.

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How I Am

It’s almost two in the morning and I woke up from having the Migraine from Hell, this afternoon. It sucks because anything can cause them….Stress, Weather, Health,…and your whole day is shot. It took 2 Imatrex or a full 100 mg pill to get rid of this one; which is rare.

I bought and made some horrible soup which I seriously don’t recommend. It’s Matzo Ball Soup by Streit. It is Gluten-free but it turned out tasting like salty, potato soup. When I say “Salty’ I mean it was like a bowl full of salt! Salt is not good for my kidneys. I put the leftovers in tbe refrigerator but unless there is something I can use to cut down the salt, I will have to throw it away.

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To Tired To Sleep

Okay, So yesterday didn’t get better; it got worse.

Started a Migraine around 4 so took my Imatrex and laid down, but, then was up every hour or so with stomach issues….. I seriously think it’s from going back to taking my medications the way I am supposed to. My body is readjusting…. Anyway, I think the last I looked at the clock was 2:30 and got up around 6….You do the math…. Finally took something that settled my stomach but can’t seem to go back to sleep. Not for lack of want.

Truthfully, I am exhausted. I may try drinking some wine to see if that will help me take an actual nap.