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Halloween Then And Now

If there were no COVID19, what would you be doing differently?

I enjoy dressing up and going karaokying especially when they have costume contests.

This year, I attended an online Halloween party and dressed up a bit

but tonight the costume will contain a cat face mask verses make-up and I am going to use tongs to pass out candy. It won’t be exactly 6 feet away, but..

Last year, we only got like 3 Trick-or-Treaters total so I am not expecting many. But I do have new neighbors with children who are so excited they offered to buy and give and a few other neighbors…candy to pass out to them.

Also, don’t forget to turn your clocks back for Daylight Savings Time if you live in a state that does mine. I read that it might be the last year as people are trying to stop it. I wish it would stop. Truthfully, I think it’s rather ridiculous and states close to each other like Nevada and Arizona should be on the same schedules.

If you wanted a scary post; sorry about that. Just close your eyes, think of something totally freaky then open your eyes and read the next word.

B O O!


Blog is true. Names are fictional.

3 thoughts on “Halloween Then And Now

  1. I probably wouldn’t have done anything differently from years past. We haven’t had many people come to my end of the borough much or at least down our street. May be I would have gone to my sisters it all depends.

    I don’t think my new place will have trick or treaters its a 55 and older complex. I really don’t know what to expect yet. I know over the years I dressed up for work only a few times and went to a few parties. However that will have to be in the past for now until I get back on my feet.

    You look purrrfect. :).

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  2. I’m curious how an online party goes??
    How many trick or treaters did you have? I haven’t attended a costume party for about 10 yrs, at least. But, don’t miss ’em at all! I went to bed at 4:30 pm, and enjoyed it very much!! lol


  3. I am not Midlife catlady but My Meetup group would meetup a couple of times a week online (via some chat platform like zoom) and we we bring our own food and talk about the weeks activities. The other time we had a trivia night…Catlady participated in! 🙂


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