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Creative Cooking

So, I have been doing a lot more cooking lately although I don’t necessarily follow recipes exactly.  But, I made some really good Potato Pancakes or Latke’s.  I have tried making them before but they wouldn’t stick.  Who knew you are supposed to use flour?  Unfortunately, I am out of my GlutenEase so I have to eat all Gluten-Free for a while.  Luckily, I am keeping gluten-free flour in stock. I also made some really good Cinnamon Rolls from scratch but the glaze didn’t really work out.

I hope whenever I get my car paid off and/or move figured out…the final one, at least as a single person…I find a place with a decent sized kitchen. I am really enjoying experimenting; even if it is only for myself.

For you cooks or even just experimenters, what have you cooked from scratch lately and did it turn out? Plus, do you find yourself cooking more since the pandemic started or ordering food to be delivered?