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Today Is The Day!

Secret Santa Sign-Ups start today on Reddit!

I am more then excited and passing the word. 

I can’t wait to pick a gift for a stranger and watch the Gallery as people get excited at what they receive.  Plus, I made sure to fill the form with things I am really interested in but vow to be more appreciative of whatever I receive.  Sign ups go til Dec 7th so you have lots of time to consider joining! 

What’s really cool is Sign-Ups end and matching starts on my Birthday!


Blog is true. Names are fictional.

6 thoughts on “Today Is The Day!

  1. Always loved Secret Santas but when it comes the day I’m sad that whoever chose my name never made an effort to choose my gift. Before you give the speech around the meaning behind it I’m still salty people hardly put an effort into things when it comes to anything with me yet I go above and beyond.

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  2. How exciting, Cat Lady!! I hope you get a super cool present!! My Sister and I did our OCC boxes 3weeks ago. That’s what gets me excited!! We did 30 this year! 10 more than last year!! I told her next year, our goal is 40!! ❤


      1. I’m very grateful that I’m blessed enough to be to do multiple. We always have a drop off point here in town. I didn’t even think of the countries not accepting mail!


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