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Halloween Then And Now

If there were no COVID19, what would you be doing differently?

I enjoy dressing up and going karaokying especially when they have costume contests.

This year, I attended an online Halloween party and dressed up a bit

but tonight the costume will contain a cat face mask verses make-up and I am going to use tongs to pass out candy. It won’t be exactly 6 feet away, but..

Last year, we only got like 3 Trick-or-Treaters total so I am not expecting many. But I do have new neighbors with children who are so excited they offered to buy and give and a few other neighbors…candy to pass out to them.

Also, don’t forget to turn your clocks back for Daylight Savings Time if you live in a state that does mine. I read that it might be the last year as people are trying to stop it. I wish it would stop. Truthfully, I think it’s rather ridiculous and states close to each other like Nevada and Arizona should be on the same schedules.

If you wanted a scary post; sorry about that. Just close your eyes, think of something totally freaky then open your eyes and read the next word.

B O O!

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Creative Cooking

So, I have been doing a lot more cooking lately although I don’t necessarily follow recipes exactly.  But, I made some really good Potato Pancakes or Latke’s.  I have tried making them before but they wouldn’t stick.  Who knew you are supposed to use flour?  Unfortunately, I am out of my GlutenEase so I have to eat all Gluten-Free for a while.  Luckily, I am keeping gluten-free flour in stock. I also made some really good Cinnamon Rolls from scratch but the glaze didn’t really work out.

I hope whenever I get my car paid off and/or move figured out…the final one, at least as a single person…I find a place with a decent sized kitchen. I am really enjoying experimenting; even if it is only for myself.

For you cooks or even just experimenters, what have you cooked from scratch lately and did it turn out? Plus, do you find yourself cooking more since the pandemic started or ordering food to be delivered?

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Do Nothing Days

Do you ever have those days where you feel like you have done nothing?

I mean, in truth, that’s not really possible but I haven’t done much that’s substantial.

Yesterday, I cancelled HelloMobile from my phone. But today I don’t think I accomplished much Important. I did write a letter to my PenPal..but haven’t mailed it yet. I also read a book, talked to a friend on the phone, did some praying, ate my meals, answered questions on Reddit and took a few online IQ Tests which never gave me my score….Do you know of any good online sites that will?

.After writing and reading what I did do, I guess I’ve accomplished something considering it was a Migraine morning.

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Celebrities In Politics

I don’t usually write about Politics and this isn’t for or against a specific party so am not going there, but I want your opinion on this:

The show ‘Happy Days’ is having a reunion to support Biden\Harris.  Scott Baio who portrayed Chachi is not attending because he is a Republican and because he believes the show reunion should have nothing to do with politics. 

Do you agree with Scott?  I Do!

    I grew up on Happy Days, Laverne and Shirley, etc..  I would love to watch the reunion, but I do not feel it right to be required to give to a political campaign in order to watch it. 

I also wonder, does who a celebrity votes for have that much influence on people?  Example; Say you idolize Ron Howard…You’ve watched all his shows and movies, heck you even dress like him..But, you support President Trump.  Then, you discover Ron Howard supports Biden…Do you change your voting beliefs?  Do his views have that much of an affect?  This is why you need to be an adult in order to vote. So, we vote our own conscience and beliefs.

I pity our future generations if we are that easily swayed by celebrities.


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No Sale

My neighbors Yard Sale has ended. Nobody bought anything today and only 3 people came. Last weekend she made around $600. and yesterday maybe around $60 which, for a Yard Sale, is pretty good. Most Yard Sales, I am lucky to make $40. Last week she was extremely resistant to lowering prices or making deals so we believe her reputation proceeded her which is why most didn’t return. Of course, there is also the matters of Covid19 and job loss plus the fact that most people don’t need a lot of garden decorative type items. I would up getting two black cat figurines for my Halloween decor, a sleeping black and white cat figurine…but I need to repaint it’s nose…and a nice black skirt. I also got a free bottle of Red Rooster wine which is super old. I just hope it is good.

I do have a few things I could sell, but, not enough for a Yard Sale, so am considering selling on ebay.

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Better Then Yesterday

The UTI has cleared up but this morning was sinus.  After sleeping with the cats til noon, I finally got my butt out of bed and made it to the store.  Luckily, the Dollar Tree carries generic Zyrtec.  On the way home, I bought a small sandwich from Port-Of-Subs ; finally having a meal…also, taking my last GlutenEase.  I know I haven’t been eating well which isn’t good; but on the other hand when you don’t feel well, you don’t want to eat.

My neighbor down the way gave my neighbor next door some cute clothes to sell at her Yard Sale so I bought a skirt.

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Health and Busyness

So much for a daily blog, right?  Yeah, I suck.  I know. 

I am not going to make excuses, but, I will update you.  

Been helping with my neighbors Yard Sale.  She made $600. bucks last weekend and she is having it again tomorrow and Saturday.  Also, been helping with our Bible Study via Zoom.  We are studying a book titled ‘Boundaries’ which is right on point, but, there are a lot of Bible verses to look up; which I am trying to do.

Now, we are at today.  Now, I am not one to get paranoid but I do have to remember reality.  Today I felt like I had a UTI.  Burning, couldn’t go hardly at all, etc..  So, I drank Cranberry Juice and tried some Vinegar Water.  I used to drink Vinegar Water for other reasons with no problem.  But, I had to jump up from my movie to suddenly vomit….Sorry, if that’s TMI.  After which, I have had water and Pedialite.  I don’t really hurt, but I am a bit tired and dizzy.    I am not panicking and will see how I feel, tomorrow.  I hate to go to the hospital…I still owe them $100 dollars….But, I did have a Kidney Transplant almost 14 years ago…I just pray this isn’t signs of Rejection.

Most transplants don’t last forever although I did read about a woman whose transplant has lasted over 80 years!

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My Options

Thinking of life and my future.

The only way I will get back into a nice place will be to save money and/or to pay off my car; and the only way to do that will be to sell my trailer and move somewhere cheaper. Will that mean smaller? Possibly. Do I want that? NO, Could I live that way for a while? Yes.

Hud is mainly dealing with people affected by COVID now, which isn’t me. If I could find a legitimate job from home (Listeners-On-Call never really got off the ground), I would do it..but those are hard to find. My neighbor had a Yard Sale and made over $600 due to all her stuff. But, that is going to be a band-aid for her for a while too. And, that wouldn’t help me, as, I have nothing to sell.

The 2nd Stimulus will help tremendously, but, only to catch up.

If anyone has suggestions, please let me know. Remember, I have 4 cats that are my family.

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Today Is The Day!

Secret Santa Sign-Ups start today on Reddit!

I am more then excited and passing the word. 

I can’t wait to pick a gift for a stranger and watch the Gallery as people get excited at what they receive.  Plus, I made sure to fill the form with things I am really interested in but vow to be more appreciative of whatever I receive.  Sign ups go til Dec 7th so you have lots of time to consider joining! 

What’s really cool is Sign-Ups end and matching starts on my Birthday!

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Another Start?

I wonder if I am going through a Midlife Crisis. I have changed to this blog, changed my email, and have changed to a new Facebook page for only specific people like Groups I belong to. I guess I am tired of reading about the lives of people I went to school with, many years ago. I think I am firmly starting to think about the present and future.

On another note, I have started taking CBD Gummies (No THC) for my headaches. I think they help but it’s a bit soon to tell and they cause weird side effects like nausea, tiredness, while the headache fades. I hope my body adjusts to this, soon.