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Things Not To Say

Before I get into this topic, I want you to know that I cannot see images in your posts, at present. I will definitely catch up on those when I can. Going back to MetroPCS on the 13th when I get paid.

Now for tonight’s thoughts: When someone dies, say you’re sorry or you’ll pray for them but not “They lived a long life. ” That is not helpful even if the statement is accurate. The person is now gone. This does not help the grieving family, it is a simple fact they already know. Here’s another one; I asked for prayers today and posted on Facebook that I am and have been sick. Someone said, “Get better. ” Not, “I hope or pray you get better. ” Seriously, that’s lazy. I wanted to retort with I changed my mind, I want to stay sick.

We need to think a bit before we say things especially when it comes to empathy for others issues.


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