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Shot Reaction

Do you get the Flu Shot regularly? Have you had a bad reaction from it?

Due to my weak, immune system, I am required to get one every year so I got mine, today.

A while back…like 10÷ years ago, I got the shot at work and within a few hours, I was a mess….sweating, freezing, achey, nauseated…Needless to saw, I went home and was sick for at least a day. The effects got easier over time. Mainly just achey and tired. Anyway, so I had the Flu Shot about 4 hours ago and I am getting sweaty and achey. Plus, my poor arm muscle! I can barely lift my arm!

Last year, a few friends almost got into an argument on Facebook when my one friend went on and on about the Flu Shot NOT giving you the Flu. But, we all react differently and the strain is different every year. Truthfully, I don’t think it gives you the actual Flu, but I do believe it can mimic some of the symptoms.

I would love to hear your thoughts and experiences regarding this matter.


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