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55 Things About Me

  1. I am the oldest living with a rare, Metabolic Disorder.
  2. I am a Migraine Sufferer
  3. I had a Kidney Transplant
  4. I’ve been married twice but only one counts because the 2nd ended in Annulment.
  5. I am a Christian and follow the Bible.
  6. I am Straight.
  7. I was never blessed with human children.
  8. My cats are my children.
  9. I love my church
  10. I miss teaching the children and attending due to COVID19.
  11. I am on Disability
  12. My sense of humor can border on sarcasm.
  13. I can be honest to a fault.
  14. I don’t always think before sharing my opinions.
  15. I support President Trump.
  16. I actually vote Independent on most things.
  17. I don’t like to discuss politics.
  18. I wrote and published a children’s book on
  19. I have ideas for other books and will use a different platform, if anything comes of them.
  20. I am surviving on my own.
  21. Sometimes, I miss having a man in my life.
  22. I trust God to provide me with a life partner, if it’s meant to be.
  23. I live in Las Vegas,NV
  24. Living in Las Vegas was my dream from the first time I ever visited.
  25. Living here was my dad’s dream, too and I was a Daddy’s Girl.
  26. I was born and grew up in Southern California.
  27. I take relationships seriously.
  28. I am the youngest of 4 children.
  29. My siblings are all older than I.
  30. I don’t feel understood by them.
  31. I have been working on being less judgmental of others.
  32. If I had money, I would love to open my own Cat Adoption Center and hire Homeless People to work there.
  33. I am praying to sell my trailer and move somewhere more affordable. Probably another mobile home park.
  34. My dream would be to have farmland with lots of animals.
  35. My favorite domestic animal is a cat.
  36. My favorite wild animal is a black Panther.
  37. My favorite color is Purple.
  38. I absolutely HATE the color pink.
  39. If you give me anything with Pink, it might be thrown at you.
  40. I love giving gifts to people.
  41. I color my hair Purple and most of my clothes are Purple, too.
  42. I used to be a Dreamer, but am not sure anymore.
  43. I Hate sappy, unrealistic romance things.
  44. I Hate words like Sweet, Cute, etc..
  45. I have an AA in English/Communications.
  46. I did not go further because I am really bad at math.
  47. I love English and words.
  48. I am a Flexitarian.
  49. I love participating in Secret Santa on Reddit.
  50. I made Care Packages and gave them to Homeless people before COVID19 hit.
  51. I have entire conversations with my Calico.
  52. I try to work out at home 15 minutes a day, 4 days a week.
  53. I am working on not being as sensitive so I don’t get hurt so easily. Not letting others actions affect me.
  54. I have experienced a lot of mental abuse.
  55. I absolutely Love Blogging but need to keep it away from family and friends.


Blog is true. Names are fictional.

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