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More About Me

I didn’t make an About Page this time, deciding to keep things simple. .just in case. I know I should not have let families reactions affect me the way they do but, it’s hard when you are the youngest and your parents are gone.

I am not going to use my real name here, As Romeo or Juliet said, “A name? What’s in a name?” So, you can call me, Venus. After all, women are considered from there. Yes, I do own the book! I love to read, mostly True Crime stories and some novels. I will read most anything I can get my hands on; except Romance. The Knight on the white horse is extinct now and the raw sex always seems to have underlying issues.

I think my next entry will be 55 Things About Me in order to make this introduction easier. Tell me about why you chose to Follow me, if you are. What drew you here? …If you have been Following for a while, you can skip this question, if you want. ..And Welcome To My Blog Family!

I believe we are closer then blood family. Speech and thoughts are Free, We are Free to disagree or agree..We can come and go! Before I end, though- A few requests:

Please don’t use Profanity, here. Please be respectful of others differences of opinion. Don’t fight in the comments section.

Thanks and once again, welcome to my blog!


Blog is true. Names are fictional.

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